New Homes

Your new home is where your new life begins. Whether you want a completely new house or a renovation to an existing home, we understand how important it is to build it properly and make it the home you imagined it could be. It represents a new start, a major investment and a milestone in your life. When building with Milestone Homes, you can confidently leave the building work in our capable hands, leaving you free to plan the styling of your new home, making it your own expression with decorating, landscaping and furnishings. As you make the dream idea into the home of your life, we will be there to help you along the way.

We can build that dream for you

Let us help you through the planning & design phase of starting your new home. We work closely with you to plan the approach to starting your project, guiding you through the paperwork and submission of required applications, keeping you up to date as the build progresses to completion. We see our role is to offer you our undivided attention and to assist you to find the most suitable design that suits the specifications of your property and gives you the lifestyle you want. You can trust that we will be there to help and consult with you throughout the course of your project.

As our client, you have our full commitment.

Building a home does not have to be a stressful time. Because of our many years of building experience and because we know what we are doing, we help you to enjoy the process of building a new home by looking after the often complicated details of construction. We keep you fully informed of the progress of your build, and communicate closely with you throughout. Rest assured that we are looking after you as we take your home through every stage of construction.

We work with you - it's an inclusive process.

Build with your own plans or choose from ours

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