Granny Flats

Granny flats are a great way of creating more independent living space for growing families, for later year teenagers, the in-laws, extended family and guests.

Granny flats, or a secondary dwelling, are becoming an increasingly popular way to expand the living space on a property. They are sometimes also referred to as a guest house, in-law suite, accessory apartment, or an au pair suite, amongst many names. Regardless of what they are called, a granny flat refers to a self-contained abode built as an attachment to the main house (semi-attached) or separate from the main dwelling (detached).

The Advantages

To list just a few of the benefits of adding a granny flat:

  • Allow elderly family members to live close by, with independence.
  • Provide a home business office
  • Guest home for visitors
  • Independent living for older children and students
  • Income from short-term rental or as a Bed & Breakfast

What you need to know

New regulations now allow granny flats to be built on blocks regardless of their residential zones, provided there is not more than one main house and one granny flat on the block. The combined floor area of the two properties must be less than the maximum floor space allowable by your local council. The granny flat itself can generally be no more than 60m², or the maximum that is allowed by your local council. For an example of a local government's rules for granny flats, click here.

You could build a fair sized 1x1 granny flat and, if parking is also available, you could rent it out for around $250 per week. If your block is too small to subdivide, it could be a excellent long-term strategy, especially if the rental income is greater than the extra loan repayments. Your property could benefit from higher increases in value with the added living space and it could also provide an additional source of income through hosting to visitors from sites like Airbnb.

mixed living space interior shot for granny flat

Granny Flat Designs

Bring your own or choose from our designs below

Our granny flat prices start from only $39,500!

The granny flat below is just 4m x 4m (16m²), and is a great example of a low-cost granny flat that delivers everything you need for independent living, being suitable for studying teens, extended family members, or to rent out on a permanent or part-time basis. Adding a granny flat is an excellent investment, adding value to your property and a boost to your household income.