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Milestone Homes is happy to work on either a “fixed price” or a “cost plus” basis and pass on the discounts offered to all builders ensuring that its client’s get the most economical outcome for their build.  For further information, fill out our contact form to get in contact with us.

Milestone Homes cannot risk being uncompetitive in WA’s challenging housing market. To maintain competitiveness, a quote involves a lot of work to ensure that costings are broken down appropriately. This is done in such a way that options are always available to the client should they choose to amend the initial specification and reduce costs.

We work with you from the very beginning – offering concept ideas, through to preparing designs and plans. We can take care of the planning issues and permissions to provide you with a one-stop service right throughout your build to completion. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the finished project!

To get started, call us now on 0412 644 950, or email us at and let us make it hassle-free for you.

Milestone Homes is a family run business with over 35 years of hands-on building experience, offering flexibility and choices that many larger builders are unable to match. We work hard to keep your project within your budget and avoid the nasty hidden add-on costs that many big builders charge. For more information, read our About Us page.

Milestone Homes are based in Mandurah, Western Australia. Being so central to our service area gives us the freedom to build anywhere from Bunbury in the state’s South, up to the Perth and its suburbs. For more details, please see our service area map

Being a family run company, Milestone Homes does not have all the hugely expensive overheads to cover that the corporate builders do. This enables us to provide transparency to our clients with an excellent, cost-effective, and quality service for its clients.

Often the big builders appear to offer lots of free extras in their quotes or financial incentives to build with them, why doesn’t Milestone do this?

Our apologies for destroying this myth, but the invisible cost of “free extras & financial incentives” are always built into the price of the project by the builder.  Sadly, it is all “smoke-and-mirrors”, hiding many hidden costs.  Big builders are not charities – they have phenomenally more expensive overheads, such as large offices & associated costs, big advertising campaigns, paying large numbers of administrative staff, and glossy publicity.

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