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Why choose bricks for your home?


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Tried and Tested

We all know that bricks have been used for thousands of years, and the Romans loved them which is why there are still so many buildings to see from Ancient Rome in Rome today. This is due in no small part to their unique, long lasting qualities and the natural look that they give to a finish. Of course, there is more to a brick than just a hard block of material; a brick can be made from many elements that can include clay, silica or cement.

What kind’s of bricks are there?

There are Exposure Grade bricks and General Purpose bricks designed for different locations. Some are designed for extreme coastal conditions or purpose, like internal, external, or load-bearing use. Then there are many assorted colours and textures available, and different sizes to choose from.

Generally speaking, historically the term “bricks” usually applies to bricks made from clay or shale fire-kilned to fuse the particles together. However, today bricks can also refer to bricks made from silica (sand) compositions as well. Cement based “bricks” may sometimes be called bricks, but they are really cast cement blocks.

Get Advice and Build with a Professional

One of our skill specialities is in brick construction, since we’ve been always been building with it. As builders, we can of course build with any commonly used materials, but we know from our years of experience that there are so many benefits to be gained from using bricks in a home’s construction. You can rest assured that building with bricks will have long term environmental, economical and investment benefits that cannot be beaten with other materials.

Make sure you consult a professional like us at Milestone Homes for help in choosing the right bricks for your home.



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