Experience built on our history

Built by Craftsmen

Old-fashioned values with a fresh approach to service

We have over 35 years of personal hands-on experience in building almost everything, including new homes, major renovations and restoration of heritage buildings.

Our experience over these many years spans the globe. Going through the evolution of many different design trends, and innovative developments in building technologies from around the world, we continue to build confident, strong and beautiful homes.


Starting with a good background

Our experience in construction extends beyond that of purely supervising building projects & ensuring tradesmen and contractors turn up and build your home.  Owner and director, Mark Oliver, was trained by accredited Master Builders in England. A Master Builder is disciplined in numerous trades, with training taking many years. By the time Mark had completed his training, it eventually afforded him the skills to be able to build a house with electricians & plumbers being the only other trade professions needed to complete the job.

Mark has hands-on building experience that extends to working on projects throughout England, Spain & Australia – giving him a wide understanding of the various building/construction methods that are used in different climates & conditions. His wide-ranging experience has also provided him with the ability to approach each project from a craftsman’s perspective, and with an in-depth approach to project management, he is able to identify and avoid the potential cause of any problems before they occur.

A picture of Mark with trainees - Sonny and Michael

Mark Oliver with trainees Sonny & Michael.

Passing on Skills

Mark believes that it is the very important duty of a master tradesman to ensure that skills and knowledge are not lost and are passed on to the next generation.

In the tradition that his mentor's had educated him as a young tradesman, Mark wants to see that the training of trade skills survive and continue to make more master builders for the future of the building industry.

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